Zeb-un-Nisa lives in Waniawala, a village in Gujranwala. Before she joined Kaarvan Crafts Foundation, she worked from home, for about 20 years, teaching herself the delicate art of embroidery, supporting herself financially through it and then sharing her skill and knowledge with neighborhood girls. Upon learning about Kaarvan Crafts Foundation local Waniawala Training Institute, Zeb-un-nisa applied to formalize her learning and further refine her embellishment technique. She entered as a trainee and soon became trainer, sharing her vast experience and knowledge. Zeb-un-nisa’s passion is clearly visible in her designs and clothing. Quality material, attention to detail and clean cuts — Zeb-un-nisa enjoys work that gives others joy. She is excited about continuously applying herself in work in order to give her family and children a better future.

For Costomised Orders, Please Contact With Zeb-un-Nisa
At: 0341-4736651

Zeb Un Nisa

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