Shazia Shawiz is a resilient resident of Haider Colony in Bahawalpur.Life was flowing smoothly by until her husband’s factory got in a loss, which created unexpected ripples in their family. Shazi Bibi faced the waves with great compassion by stepping to the fro front of purposeful action and started clothing venture. She practiced reflexive hearing — listening to community and husband’s concern of woman stepping out of home to work as well as listening to her inner voice that whispered to push through financial and social hurdles for the future of her four daughters. It has been fifteen years now since Shazi Bibi has been working in the textile industry with some leading Brands and Designers such as Decor and Rizwan Baig. Shazi Bibi has also traveled to Dubai as a trainer and trained people in Ada work there. Shazia baji says that she has been a part of many exhibitions and she never let the process of learning, stop. Every opportunity, every chance that she takes, she seeks for new leanings. It is this tenacity and passion that Shazi Bibi brings to Aangan. As she says the first step towards contributing to the house income is the hardest but in the path towards betterment — everything gets better — men of the family join in for a positive change.

For Costomised Orders, Please Contact With Shazia Shawiz
At: 0302-7700244

Shazia Khan

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