Shaista Bibi lives in main Haripur city. Has a caring and energetic soul that compassionately faced the turn of life when her husband passed away. With three children, three points of strength Shaista Bibi further pursued her studies while stitching clothes and searching job opportunities. Upon completing her FA degree, Shaista Bibi sought guidance from a relative and began her own clothing business. She hired around 50 female artisans and started taking orders and soon her hard work paved way to a flourishing business. Shahida Bibi got her daughter in school and she and after completing her FSC, got into a medical school and is now in her 3rd year of specialization. Shahida Bibi has worked with multiple well-known designers as well, including Rizwan Baig. She relates the sense of joy and gratitude of purchasing a small car from her clothing business for short time. Shaista baji shares that “if we people decide and set our minds on something, we become instrument of God and the path opens itself to you.”

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Shaista Bibi

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