Shahida Bibi lives in Arif Colony Bahawalpur. She is an example of rising strong and rewriting her life after husband’s death. With eight children to love and care for Shahida Bibi saw opportunity in the tucked away Matric and Stitching & Designing Diploma she had procured before marriage. Having expertise in gota work, shadow work, mukesh and applique. She tarted taking work orders, attending exhibitions in different cities and through her hard work — she cultivated a space of peace, play and education for her children. Shahida Bibi feels immense gratitude to work along a group of female artisans — collaborative kinship of interlocking households. Shahida Bibi relates that she shares the income of the sell evenly with these artisans. Excited to join Aangan, digital courtyard where she can forge more connections and inshallah perform Haj or Umrah one day.

Shahida Bibi

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