Shabana Hamid, a resident of Mubarak Town Qasim Baila, Multan. Due to an untimely death of her father Shabana baji left her kid shoes of school behind and stepped into adulthood when she was in 3rd grade. Early mastery of cutting, stitching, and designing has led Shabana baji to exhibit her work various districts of Pakistan. She relates that her first exhibition was in jranwala, where she was up against leading brand names of fashion industry. Despite the tough compeition, Shabana baji’s detailed hand embroidery could not be compared to machine work. Shabana baji’s confidence was bolstered to see that her stall made the most profit that day. With five kids and a loving husband, Shabana baji wishes to give her children everything she didn’t have and more. They are all enrolled in schools and colleges. Shabana baji has full faith in Allah and says that you only need to look inward to find him. In this journey of life, Shabana baji says that one must keep moving steadily forward and things fall in place when you work with passion and dedication.

For Costomised Orders, Please Contact With Shabana Hamid
At: 0302-8762507

Shabana Hameed Qureshi

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