Sajda Qurabn lives in the village of Melsi, District Vehari. “Life is a gift of experiences that keeps on unraveling and giving,” say Sajda baji. In her youth she had learnt how to cultivate a resilient spirit of hope as a cloud of uncertainty drifted in her life when she had to leave education at primary due to her father’s separation from the family. Her mother became the main caretaker of the children and catered to family needs by doing stitching and embroidery work. A skill she imparted to Sajda baji who was her right hand in all walks of life. Being the eldest among her siblings, she got married in her teens to a man who frowned upon the idea of women working. No one can anticipate the mystery of life — within a short period of the marriage her husband encountered an untimely death. Sajda baji took stock of the situation and cultivated calm and stillness for her three young children at home. With the moral support of her mother and siblings she began a home base venture of stitching shadow and sindhi work. With Aangan, she wishes to continue working independently and craft colorful futures for her children.

For Costomised Orders, Please Contact Sajda Qurabn at 0302-4250400

Sajda Qurabn

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