Rabia Sanaullah lives in the suburbs of Lahore in Pakistan Mint Colony. A lover of learning, she confides that in her neighborhood very few girls receive formal education. As such she is extremely grateful for being able to acquire an FA. Rabia says that her father was always there and never let the family feel any distress. Her mother is also very supportive of Rabia’s endeavors- of continuous growth and acquiring new skills. Rabia has a passion for design whether it is painting or tattooing henna. Married to Omer, she enjoys the small moments of life — like seeing her daughter Merab grow up and learn household tips and tricks from her grandmother. Rabia is grateful to be living within such a supportive family system. E She is excited to become a savy digital micro-entrepreneur.

For Costomised Orders, Please Contact With Rabia Sanauallah
At: 0304-4093310

Rabia Sanaullah

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