Noor Zia is from village Anish, valley Bumburet in Kalasha. Noor Zia has a firm hand in making of shushtr (head gears), piran (traditional Kalasha dress) and patti which are belts for women, and the art of shuman, gulparik shuman and shokhek. Noor Zia learnt the art from her neighbors and other elders from her village and now it has been 13 years since she is making these beautiful pieces. Noor Zia did her FSC and went to Swat for training in dealing with women’s health and sanitary problems with USAID and MNCH. After that, she completed her bachelors and kept working in her area as a teacher and health worker. In future, Noor Zia wants to be a nurse in the basic health unit of her area so she can help more people. She shared that people in her area are not very well off and sometimes it gets hard for them to have access to good doctors and nurses during extreme weathers and she wants to be the one who helps them in the time of need. Noor Zia also trains other people in the traditional craft of Kalasha and leaves no stone unturned in the promotion of it as well. That is why she is also stepping in the digital space to create more opportunities.


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