Mariam Mai, a resident of Bahawalpur Basti Khalilabad. A resilient spirit with great sensitivity of seeing, listening and responding to omens present in situations that guide her pursuing her will to create future for her family that is full opportunities. Financial family constraints led to an early marriage to 16-year-old boy who was still finding his own footing in life. Not to let things fall apart, Mariam Mai responded to the situation with care and compassion by beginning home-based venture of stitching clothes and working with livestock. The generated income helped her support her son up to matriculation. Mariam Mai shares how livestock is a huge asset which helped her in buying books for her son’s education and compiling 1 lac rupees for her husband’s deteriorating health operation. Unfortunately, the seven months of treatment could not cure his aliment and he passed away. Omens were waiting to be seen and
materialized. It was during this time that Mariam Mai came in contact with Kaarvan Crafts Foundation and to slowly expand her existing home based embroidery further.

For Costomised Orders, Please Contact With Mariam Mai
At: 0317-7934729

Mariam Mai

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