Unstitched See-Through Fabric with Chikankari


Nayyar Wajid, Multan
Unstitched See-Through Fabric with Chikankari

Nayyar Wajid lives in Sabzwari Town, Multan. Nayyar says that it was the course of Home Economics that piqued her interest and thus began her pursuit of design and creative expression. Having completed her Bachelors in Arts, Nayyar took up Computer and English courses. This has helped her tap into the market needs once she started her own small business. Nayyar says she began by doing mirror work and now has restricted her work to machine embroidery only. She has created a network of artisans in different cities with whom she works to complete market orders. A true epitome of grace, Nayyar has participated in multiple exhibitions in Pakistan as well as in various cities of India. Nayyar says that she finds her work fulfilling as its more than just monetary satisfaction, its about crafting identity and being true to who you are.

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