2 Piece Suit with Pakka Tanka


Shahnaz Haneef, Multan⁩
2 Piece Pure Chiffon Suit with
Pakka Tanka

Shahnaz Hanif lives in Hanifpura, Multan. She and her husband share equal responsibility of running the household. Her husband being a tailor master at a large boutique in Multan, they both work side by side. Shahnaz baji, loves finding and creating new designs. She says she mixes; matches various stitches, prints and patterns together, to give customers unique designs that they won’t find elsewhere in the market. “My mind is a home for new ideas” Shahnaz baji said with a laughter. Market may be challenging but that doesn’t stop Shahnaz baji from pursuing her dreams. “For what use is a dream if we don’t work towards it,” says Shahnaz baji.

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