Marina Khaddar Kurta with Fabric Painting and Lockstitch


Sobia Amir, Multan
Marina Khaddar Kurta with Fabric Painting and Lockstitch

Sobia Amir is a resident of Sheikh Colony, Multan. She is a mother to four children as well as an industrious artisan. With a graduate degree and 15 years of work experience of hand embroidery in various tankas, fabric painting, dough work and jewelry making. With intent to share her knowledge with her community she has opened a little training institute and boutique in her home. Sobia constantly looks out for collaborative opportunities where she can get funds to teach and share her skills. In 2019 she hosted two exhibitions for her community artisans. A strong advocate for collective action Sobia continuously works to craft opportunities for women in her neighborhood. Working alongside 20 artisans Sobia is expanding herself and entering the digital domain.

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