Bedroom Set – 2 Cushions, 2 Pillow Covers, 1 Pillow Cover, 1 Blanket, 1 Bed Sheet


Shahjahan Begum, Multan
Covers, 1 Pillow Cover, 1 Blanket, 1 Bed Sheet

Shahjahan Begum is a resident of Khudadad basti, Multan Cantt. She is resilient spirit who shifts with the changing context. She attended school up to eighth class and then got married. Then one day in a rickshaw  accident her husband passed away leaving her a six months old son. With the aid of stitching Shahjahan baji provided her son education. Come adulthood, her son parted ways with Shahjahan baji. On her own, Shahjahan baji sought refuge in her beadwork — it provides a stillness & calm and also means to a living. In pursuit of companionship, Shahjahan baji married again to a an who already had a wife and children. Shahjahan baji is now part of a family, yet not fully part of it. There are rifts to bridge, hearts to accept one another. That doesn’t stop Shahjahan baji from loving the children of the other wife. With her detailed beadwork, she supports both herself and her husband’s family as well. Shahjahan baji is spiritually connected to Allah and her community. It is this faith that gives her the courage and strength to let go of the fear of uncertainty

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