3 Piece Linen Suit with Rilli Work & Chiffon Dupatta – Available in Different Colors


Rehana Kausar, Multan
3 Piece Linen Suit with Rilli Work & Chiffon Dupatta

Rehana Kausar, a resident of Chowk Shahbaz, Multan. Rumbling with setbacks and living big. Rehana baji stands solidly in her integrity with clarity of purpose and the will to craft colorful futures for her twin sons and two daughters. With a Bachelor’s degree Rehana baji, stepped in the business world when her became gravely ill. With the help of her daughters Rehana baji started sewing bed sheets and pillow covers and selling them door-to-door. One day, Rehana baji received an invitation for an exhibition where she displayed her bed sheets and observed the appreciation and scope of her work. Rehana baji is industrious artisan, with hands that crafted opportunities — of her son starting his own business, the twins completing matriculation, and a daughter married. Rehana baji says that since she is getting old now so she is not able to go door-to-door, hence the digital portal holds great promise of working directly with the market from the comfort of her home.

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