About Aangan

Bringing Tradition to Digital

Aangan is a Digital marketplace for female artisans from rural Pakistan to market and sell their handiwork

Educate & Involve the Artisan 

Using Samsung smartphones, the internet, and professional designers,  we teach the artisans to innovate and improve their products

Promoting Art &  Preserve tradition

When you shop at Aangan,  you not only enjoy the finest handcrafted  apparel & accessories, but empower traditional artisans  to rise in a digital world

Place of security. Space of development — changing with contextual needs. Sometimes a courtyard for community feast, another time a playground, or workstation, or site for teachings, or an exhibition venue. Aangan, the courtyard is what the Rural Pakistani Artisans make.

Aangan is an online platform created with, by and for female artisans in Pakistan, to sell their handcrafted apparel and lifestyle products. Within the handmade artifacts lie stories of courageous women who are constantly stitching new possibilities for themselves, their families and their community.

Come receive the gifts, an expression of authenticity, self-acceptance and belonging. Become interwoven into the social fabric interlocking households.

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Recent reviews from happy people

#TakeNoteOfYou The all new #AanganPK is such a thoughtful digital
literacy initiative by #SamsungPakistan and
#KaarvanCraftsFoundation. The online marketplace enables rural
women to showcase their skills and crafts to the rest of the world!
Thank for this gorgeous white number, ladies. I love love love it!

Ayesha Omar

Being born and raised in a heritage rich city like Bahawalpur, famous
for not just its beautiful palaces but also for the traditional
handworked embroidered pieces, i have always had an eye for
hand-crafted goodies Can’t tell you guys how much i loved wearing
this beautifully hand-embroidered kurti by #AanganPk

Dr Wardah Saeed

So guys this is the shirt that I’ve ordered from #aanganpk.com Samsung and Kaarvan has taken this amazing initiative to support these amazingly talented women if Pakistan to give them thisplatform where they can showcase their collection to us. We all know that majority of people are living below the poverty line so I believe that it’s a very decent way to support their talent as they’re not able to have their own big stores (which I pray and hope they’ll soon will) but for now we can have a look at their online stores and see of you like anything to order for yourself.

I ordered this hand crafted mint coloured kurta for myself and I am lovin the quality, stuff, colour and neatness. Trust me, way better than a lot of overrated stores. I would love to order again and again from different entrepreneurs stores! More power to these women and congratulations to #Samsungpakistan and  KaarvanCraftsFoundation for this wonderful step.

Dua Sheikh Amjad