Zarkima belongs to village Anish in Bumburet valley of Kalasha. At the age of 15, Zarkima was handed down the family legacy of traditional craft work from her mother and sisters. Zarkima has a firm hand in making shushtr and cupas, traditional head gears of Kalasha which are embellished by motis, chains, buttons, beads and shells and piran —bits and pieces of hand work that create a complete dress made in different kinds of thread majorly from wool. Zarkima is very much a custodian of Kalasha culture as she took training from UNESCO for tourism and has been working as a tour guide in her area for about 3 years. Having completed her FSC, Zarkima is now looking forward to apply for bachelors admission in tourism or social sciences. She wishes to keep the Kalasha culture alive and to rid of the misconceptions of regarding their spirituality. Like Edhi Sahib she wishes to promote peace, unity and share the Kalasha craft work internationally. In order to realize this dream, Zarkima is learning to engage more actively with market and is excited about tapping into the digital domain.




Deep Green Kalash valley style kurta cotton tunic with kadai stitch echoes the Northern Pakistan kalash style of grace and beauty.

Byzantine Kalash Design KurtaByzantine Kalash Design Kurta

Byzantine Kalash Design Kurta

Black Kalash valley style kurta cotton tunic with Byzantine bead work echoes the Northern Pakistan kalash style of grace and beauty.

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