Sobia Khan a resident of chak 5 faiz, district Multan. An industrious women Sobia, having completed her Bachelor of Science, is now pursuing a Masters in Urdu. The skill that makes a difference is application of various tankas. Early interest in cutting, stitching, and designing led Sobia to the world of craft exhibitions. She relates that her first exhibition was in multan, where she was up against leading brand names of fashion industry. Despite the tough competition Sobia’s detailed hand embroidery could not be compared to machine work. Sobia’s confidence was bolstered to see that her work made the most profit that day. After the first exhibition, Sobia endeavored learn more and more about the market dynamics. In this journey of life, Sobia says that one must keep moving steadily forward and that things fall in place when you work with passion and dedication.

Sobia khan

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