Shazia Parveen, a resident of Vehari. After matriculation, she learnt the art of stitching from her mother and started stitching for her neighbors. She is well known to be the sun of her community, bringing light and joy with her easy humor and general warmth. She shares how once at an exhibition a buyer who was haggling over the cost of her product was amazed by her compassionate aura and wrote so on her business card saying that “next time, I’m in the market I shall contact you.” Shazia hopes her father who fully supported and cherished her could have seen her today. Nevertheless, Shazia expresses gratitude to be married to a man who respects, loves and shares the household duties with her. She relates that when she is away on market or exhibition trips her husband looks after their four children. Shazia is humbled by all the gifts life has bestowed upon her. Now, with Kaarvan, PSDF and Samsung initiative she says she is learning more and more about market linkages and digital e-commerce.

Shazia Parveen

Ar Design ShawlAr Design Shawl

Ar Design Shawl

A Pakistani golden brown cotton stuf shawl with field of  ar work.

Brown PieceBrown Piece

Brown Piece

A one piece, brown Pakistani cotton unstitched with field of  Chicken karahi work.

Gray KurtaGray Kurta

Gray Kurta

A Pakistani gray cotton stuf unstitched kurta with field of  Ada work.

Linen chiken kariLinen chiken kari

Linen chiken kari

A Pakistani Pink Linen stuf unstitched kurta with field of work Self Linen chiken kari

Violet SuiteViolet Suite

Violet Suite

A three piece, purple Pakistani cotton unstitched suit with field of aar work and sitara work. This unstitch product includes: front, back, and sleeves.


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