Saeed Bibi lives in the village of Melsi, District Vehari. She learnt the art of dressmaking and hand embroidery from her mother. With 10 years of work experience in the textile industry. Saeed Bibi interweaves compassion, courage and connection in her everyday life as she crafts a future of education for her four children. She lives vicariously through her children making sure that they multiple paths to choose from. Dreams are nothing without effective effort says Saeed Bibi. She is fully committed to the path that would lead to bright future of her children. It is this tenacity, this zeal and energy that Saeed Bibi brings forth to Aangan.

Saeed Bibi



An unstitched beautifully hand crafted in shadow work front piece of a kameez. The work is done on white chiffon in white and red thread.

Measurements: Kameez- 40 inch

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