Fiana, is a resident of village Grambatgol, valley Birir of Kalasha. At the age of 14, Fiana learnt the art from her mother and has been making necklaces marik which are made from different kinds of beads and thread. Fiana makes traditional shushtr (head gears), piran (traditional Kalasha dress) and patti which are belts for women. Fiana holds a Bachelors’ degree from Chitral University and has been teaching in the Girls Community School in Birir for one year. Fiana shares that she loves teaching and wants to keep sharing knowledge with the girls that she teaches as she wants them to become leaders of tomorrow. Fiana also wants to promote the traditional craft of Kalasha and spread it in the world as much as she can and that is why she is starting to work in the digital space.


Byzantine Cowrie ShellByzantine Cowrie Shell

Byzantine Cowrie Shell

Black Kalash valley style kurta cotton tunic with  golden bead & Cowrie Shell work echoes the Northern Pakistan kalash style of grace and beauty.

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